School follows a well structured system of Assessment prescribed by C.B.S.E. for all classes through an ongoing frequent testing programme and the progress being made is discussed with parents at the end of each test.


There will be 4 test series for classes Nur, L.K.G. and U.K.G. T1, and T3 will be unscheduled and will be evaluated in the month of July and December respectively. These series will be assessed on the basis of the child's day to day performance. T2 and T4 will be scheduled and will be evaluated in the month of September and March respectively.


There will be four cycles of Tests inclusive of project, activity and Internal Assessment. Schedule of Tests is given in the school planner.


Each test will be out of 50 marks ( 40 for written test + 10 for Project/ Activity/ Internal Assessment. Projects form an important part of the continuous assessment at S.E.D. These must be taken seriously and efforts must be made to present original, well- searched and compiled projects. Projects must be submitted on the specified dates.


CBSE has remodeled the Assessment Structure and restored the Board examination in class X. The Assessment criteria in Scholastic and Co- scholastic Area in classes VI to X would be as explained below : 10

*Scheme of Test is Subject to change.

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